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Conversation between Leonard Cohen and Arthur Kurzweil →

I’m the little Jew who wrote the Bible

Leonard Cohen goes back to his roots in a conversation with Arthur Kurzweil.
This is a must-to-read piece, with many rare photos,
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This conversation, between Leonard Cohen and Arthur Kurzweil, took place
on the morning of Tuesday, November 23, 1993, in a conference room of the
New York office of Random House Publishers, on the occasion of the
publication of Leonard’s book, Stranger Music: Selected
Poems and Songs. At the time, Arthur was editor-inchief
of the Jewish Book Club and he selected Leonard’s
new book as an offering to the book club’s over 20,000
members. Arthur requested an interview for The Jewish
Book News with Leonard through Leonard’s publisher.
An abbreviated and edited version of the following
conversation was published in The Jewish Book News in
January, 1994, and appears on the web in various places.
This is the complete conversation - never before published anywhere.

- Jarkko,

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